Amplifying Advertiser Exposure: TTH Enhances ASO Optimization Capabilities


In the era of digital advancements, numerous opportunities are arising. However, along with these opportunities, many companies are also encountering various challenges. Within the business realm, there is a growing complexity in mobile phone usage scenarios, rapidly evolving iterations of various apps, and an increasing level of functional redundancy. Consequently, the desire for innovation is diminishing. With the declining overall user experience being an undeniable reality, it is becoming increasingly arduous for enterprises and developers to acquire and retain users, as well as generate traffic.

Simultaneously, within various Apps Apps, each vertical segment boasts tens of thousands of available options. On the surface, users may perceive a plethora of choices, but ultimately, they tend to gravitate towards apps created by well-established companies. With the extensive reach of these top companies' business networks, their apps appear to offer users a more enriching experience. However, in reality, many refined apps within specific vertical segments outshine them in terms of product content and user experience. Unfortunately, due to lower download volumes compared to those of top enterprise apps, these high-quality apps often struggle to gain visibility among users.

The majority of traffic is monopolized by industry giants, making it challenging for new apps to gain user acquisition. In such a demanding landscape, whether it's Apple's App Store or Google Play, most app downloads from the platforms are driven by search queries. Keywords, user ratings, and download numbers collectively contribute to an app's rank. Therefore, when users search for an app, the more relevant and targeted the search, the higher the likelihood of the app appearing prominently in the download list. If one aims to stand out amidst the vast app market, optimizing the app's search engine ranking becomes crucial for gaining substantial exposure and visibility.

In light of the current industry challenges encountered by app developers and enterprises, Plateeads, a platform under the advertising giant TTH (TEN THOUSAND HOURS TECH LIMITED), has taken the initiative to offer tailored ASO (App Store Optimization) search optimization services to advertisers. Leveraging user search behavior patterns, Plateeads has expanded its services across multiple vertical categories within the App Store. These categories encompass various domains such as gaming, entertainment, productivity, software development tools, travel, social networking, efficiency, graphic design, morning routines, photography, video, and more. The primary objective is to provide comprehensive search optimization services aligned with users' specific interests and preferences.

Using work-related apps as an example, Plateeads focuses on fine-grained tools such as decompression utilities, automatic input method switching tools, meeting minutes apps, and online document sharing platforms. These tools aim to facilitate efficient work collaboration for users. Plateeads delves deep into these specific areas and conducts a thorough analysis of the quantity and quality of keywords associated with them. By entering relevant keywords, Plateeads identifies high-ranking apps and examines their app descriptions and content introductions repeatedly. This data analysis becomes the focal point for Plateeads. Through a multidimensional analysis of top-ranking apps, Plateeads is able to discern keyword patterns within each segmented field and gain insights into the keyword rules prevalent within a particular category.

It is worth noting that Plateeads not only takes into account the content and introduction of top-ranking apps but also incorporates adjustments based on the App Store's relevant recommendation mechanisms. By emulating successful content and adhering to platform rules, Plateeads can provide more feasible optimization suggestions for customer products, resulting in highly successful ASO search engine optimization. To ensure that a customer's app product achieves a ranking close to the estimated position upon launch, Plateeads has developed a dedicated digital virtual platform that closely follows the management and ranking mechanisms of the App Store. By conducting simulated tests of customer apps on this platform, which closely replicates the app store's mechanisms, Plateeads obtains more accurate estimations of the optimization outcomes. As a result, when the customer app is actually launched, its ranking aligns closely with the promises made by Plateeads.

Through in-depth rule analysis and comprehensive simulations on the digital virtual platform, Plateeads has successfully helped numerous customers make significant strides within their respective vertical fields. With meticulous ASO optimization, many apps have managed to secure positions within the top 20 rankings in their specific categories, resulting in increased exposure and downloads. Notably, even in the competitive realm of gaming, apps that specialize in immersive mobile games within their vertical category have emerged as popular products, garnering high download numbers and acclaim within the vertical field.

With TTH' ASO search optimization services, app customers can swiftly enhance their market exposure in an industry dominated by industry giants, leading to a surge in downloads. In contrast to the fierce competition experienced by similar products in the past, app customers who have embraced ASO search optimization are now on the fast track towards rapidly climbing rankings. However, it is important to maintain fairness and foster a healthy competitive environment within the App Store. That's why TTH is dedicated to assisting those exceptional app boutiques that possess great potential but struggle with limited exposure. By leveraging ASO strategies, TTH aims to provide these hidden gems with the visibility they deserve, thus leveling the playing field for all app developers.

When it comes to assessment, TTH emphasizes the requirement for customers to provide a comprehensive App experience report and demonstrate long-term product operation and maintenance capabilities. TTH also takes into account its own technical capabilities and evaluates the industry potential and user experience of the app users seeking ASO optimization. This evaluation process ensures that C-end users can truly benefit from high-quality services. Ultimately, TTH aims to assist in the launch of genuinely exceptional products that meet the needs and expectations of users.

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