Kazakhstan Теріс айрық LLP went to China to inspect the gold mining production line


Recently, the price of gold has risen rapidly, once breaking through the $2,000 mark. International gold mining companies are running at full capacity to increase the production capacity of existing gold mines and purchase gold mining equipment.

Andabayev Yerbosyn, the major shareholder of Kazakhstan Теріс айрық LLP , according to the rising trend in the first quarter of 2023, the gold bull market has arrived. A batch of the latest gold placer equipment was purchased in China. At present, the relevant leaders have arrived in China to conduct field inspections to many gold mining equipment manufacturers.


In addition, the company will also introduce management methods to optimize mining equipment to further improve its efficiency and production capacity. Теріс айрық LLP Tielesailer said: With the mature and stable operation and management experience and high-grade, large-reserve high-quality gold resource endowment of the Saimeiyitesaike mining area, under the policy of the Belt and Road , Relying on reliable "Made in China" machinery and equipment is the most suitable choice at the moment. The company's future profitability and core competitiveness will be greatly enhanced.


(Related reading: Теріс айрық LLP has purchased a new mine belt in the Zalma area of Semey City, Abai Prefecture, Kazakhstan, and plans to seek various overseas financing channels this year , to sell the mining rights of part of the gold placer area in the northeast of Kazakhstan, and it is expected to raise USD 800-100 million in three years for the gold mine project.)

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