Mid Wheat Protective Shoes


Zhongmai labor protection shoes, big brand, big manufacturer, quality assurance, high-quality raw materials, can play a good role in labor protection, the embedded steel plate can effectively withstand impact and extrusion, reduce the chance of injury, and reduce the injury research center. Each part is made of top accessories and technology, which can greatly absorb shock, prevent slipping, prevent puncture and impact. The thoughtful design makes the shoes not only effectively protect against various situations, but also greatly improve the wearing comfort. Various functions such as anti-smashing, anti-puncture, insulation, anti-static, oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, anti-slip are also optional, suitable for various industries such as logistics, service, heavy industry, decoration/craftsman, automobile assembly, electronics, etc., it is an absolute must for labor protection good choice.

The upper is made of high-quality materials, which are wear-resistant and durable. The steel toe cap is built into the toe cap, which can withstand the impact of 200J and the extrusion of 15kN, reducing the chance of injury and the situation of injury. The European standard anti-puncture steel bottom can withstand a puncture force of at least 1100N, allowing you to walk freely while working. Steel head sponge interlayer, thoughtful design, comfortable and does not touch the feet. The reflective material is inlaid to improve the safety of night travel. The shock-absorbing thick sole is anti-collision and shock-absorbing. It is comfortable to wear and will not hurt your feet if you wear it for a long time. The Hai Boli insole is selected, which is shock-absorbing, sweat-absorbing, breathable, and comfortable to wear. PU sole, European standard SRC grade non-slip. Optional features include: anti-smashing, anti-puncture, insulation, anti-static, oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and anti-slip.

Yunnan Fanmeng Zhipin Garment Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary and localized service organization established by Romon Group in Yunnan.Yunnan Fanmeng Zhipin Garment Co., Ltd. was established on May 7, 2012. Its business scope includes sales of clothing, shoes and hats, knitted textiles, leather products, daily necessities, luggage, arts and crafts, labor insurance products; clothing manufacturing; fashion design Serve. There are more than 20 employees, 3 technical personnel, 3 management personnel, more than 10 sales personnel, and 4 after-sales service personnel.
The company has a professional sales team, which serves all fields in Yunnan Province around the clock, specializing in the sales of mid-to-high-end suits, shirts, T-shirts, tooling and various casual wear series.
Successful cases of cooperation in recent years include: Huaneng Lancang River Hydropower Co., Ltd., China National Tobacco Corporation Yunnan Branch, Bank of China Yunnan Branch, China Life Insurance Co.,Ltd. Yunnan Branch, Yunnan Haolong Industrial Group Co., Ltd., China Water Resources and Hydropower 14th Engineering Bureau Co.,Ltd., Dali Tourism Group Co.,Ltd., Yunnan Yuntian Petrochemical Co.,Ltd., Yunnan Puzhehei Cultural Tourism Development Co., Ltd., Yuxi Municipal Affairs Service Administration, Tengchong Mingguang Mining Co.,Ltd., Baoshan Southeast Ring Expressway Construction and Development Co.,Ltd., Yunnan Tonghai Rural Commercial Bank Co.,Ltd., etc.


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